Feature Film

For Marie, a young medical student, the catastrophe of her life begins when she awakes every morning. She lives in social isolation with her strict and dominant mother, a successful gynecologist. Marie has suffered from her mother’s emotional suppression all her life; it is almost as if the umbilical cord had never been cut. Marie wants to escape this environment and seeks sexual contact with men in order to force her mother into resignation. Under the guise of love and dependency a power struggle between mother and daughter begins to grow.

Production CompanyFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg
ProducerMartin Schwimmer
Katharina Würthner
DirectorConstantin Hatz
ScriptConstantin Hatz
DoPRafael Starman
GafferJason Stewart
1. ACElias Wolf
Production DesignMadeleine Schleich
EditingMarco Rottig
SoundMichael Arens
Sound DesignJan Brett
ColoristRafael Starman
CastLuise Aschenbrenner
Anja Schneider
Runtime122 min.
Tech. Spec.ARRI Alexa, Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses