Un état d‘urgence - State of emergency


A movie about a society in fear. It is the story of two soldiers in the everyday life of Paris guarding an official building. An abandoned bag, curious passants and a crazy tramp move the situation into its climax. The lines between normality and real danger disappears.


Production CompanyLa Fémis Paris & Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
ProductionMarisa Meier
DirectorTarek Roehlinger
ScriptAndreas Sorin
DoPRafael Starman
CameraOperatorDavid Dincer
1. ACHans Fischer
GafferOlivier Rodriguez
Key GripChristian Martinello
EditingMoritz Poth
Production DesignLéa Germain
SoundLouise Abbou
Sound Post-ProductionJohannes Kunz
MusicNicolai Krepart
ColoristRafael Starman
CastMoussa Sylla
Rémy Ferreira
Julien Courbey
Ridwane Bellawell
Runtime11 min.
Tech. Spec.ARRI ALEXA, Hawk V-Lite Lenses

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